Music Mondays – Kpop Edition! (For Boys and Girls!)

Hey! Jessica here, hijacking todays Music Monday! After the smash hit that was Psy’s Gangnam Style, (oh what’s that? you haven’t heard it? Well here, watch the splendor) Korean Pop, or Kpop as it is mostly referred to, has finally been pushed into the consciousness of the mainstream audience.

Kpop is more than just Psy and his “horse dance” though and with that I want to introduce two more groups that are easily described as “kpop.”

B.A.P – One Shot [For the boys! Or girls! ;D]

The first group is actually a relatively new group, they debuted back in January of 2012 with “Warrior” and have since been busting out single after single. It seems these rookies won’t be catching a break anytime soon as they just had their first concert and are still promoting their newly released single. Hopefully these boys get the rest they deserve after their promotions, but for now enjoy the cinematic adventure that is their new single, “One Shot.”

Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me [For the girls! Or boys! ;D]

The second group is not new to the kpop scene, but they have been away from the limelight for over a year. Which is pretty hard to come back from in the kpop world. But being ever so determined they not only came back with a new single, they also came out with their very first Korean studio album! The whole album is worth a listen to, as the songs range in genres from ballads to pop, but here is their single “Tell Me Tell Me.”


When she isn’t hijacking her friends blog Jessica can be found playing video games, procrastinating her graphic design work and running her own blog over at She also has a mad love for the East Asian language and culture and will do anything in her power to shove it down the throats of others. Not really. But yeah, really.
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