Beauty Cabinet Breakdown: Coconut Oil


Many times my friend ask me about how my skin and hair is so soft and “perfect”. Well  80% of it is genetics, 5% an amazing dermatologist, and the other 15% is the myriad of beauty products that I use.

This new section of Haru Baru NYC is about the different products that I uses to maintain my healthy skin and hair. I use a combination of department store brands, drugstore brands, grocery store products, and my own kitchen concoctions! A lot of these products I’ve been using for over a year, so expect really awesome reviews!

This week’s product is coconut oil!

I’ve been using coconut oil since I was a kid. I put it in my hair to keep it healthy and shiny, I sometimes mix it in to my lotion during the winter to combat dry skin, and I’ve recently learned that it makes a GREAT face moisturizer, make-up remover, lip balm and shaving cream alternative! So you can say I LOVE COCONUT OIL!

It is a very light weight oil that absorbs pretty fast into your skin and hair, and does not leave it slick and greasy. Also, it does not clog my pores and break me out in yucky pimples. It has a nice light scent. It also is a solid at room temperature, but melts in your hands.

When I use it as a make-up remover, I focus on my eyes. Coconut oil is great at breaking down stubborn eye make-up, and when it gets into your eye it does not irritate it. Which is WONDERFUL!

Also, there has been a great big BOOM in support of using coconut oil in your beauty regimen. From my internet research I learned that coconut oil is non-clogdemic, naturally antimicrobial, naturally anti-fungal,  moisturizing, and some claim that it helps speed up the healing of wounds. Also, coconut oil is great for cooking and baking with (I’ve only used this stuff on my skin and hair, but may try it out with food). So all great reasons to use this stuff!

With the recent popularity of coconut oil, it has also become easier to find and is very cheap! Before, I used to get my coconut oil from family in South America or my mom would whip some up. Now I buy it from Trader Joe’s. It is about $6 and a bottle usually last me about six months.  Also this brand uses only pure virgin coconut oil, no extra ingredients or fragrances. My mom says that the Trader Joe’s brand coconut oil is really good and since she grew up making her own, I totally trust her opinion on this. So when you are buying, pay attention to the ingredients and you really should not pay more that six or seven dollars for this stuff or you will be getting ripped off.

I have VERY sensitive skin, anything breaks me out, so I am pretty wary of natural, non-hypo allergenic products because I can hives for days after using some products or from my dogs licking me. But surprisingly this stuff has not broken me out! So I guess that this would be good if you have sensitive skin and not allergic to coconuts. But I am no doctor, so test it out on a small part of your skin first!

All products featured in Beauty Cabinet Breakdown are bought with my own/parents money. I am not endorsed by any company and all reviews are based on my experience with the product.

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