My Best Friend is an Undocumented Immigrant

“Today is Labor Day, the celebration of the social and economic achievements of American Workers. My best friend cannot celebrate today because she is an undocumented immigrant and is unable to work.

I remember the rainy day in March of our sophomore year in high school. Hawa and I had just finished our tour of Boston University and were sitting in Faneuil Hall eating cheese fries and talking excitedly about how much we both wanted to go to BU. Our favorite teacher attended and we saw why she loved Boston so much…”- My Best Friend is an Undocumented Immigrant

Happy Labor Day! Here is an interview I wrote for today from the Mugar Library Student Blog, The Uncommon Discussion!


Hello again!

Hi!!!  I went on a second hiatus this summer. Started work, moved back to Boston and was super busy so I did not have time to post! But I have plans for new content that will be up in September!! So see you guys then! HAPPY SUMMER!!